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Audio tips

Run "alsaconf" as root to fix all your woes almost all the time. May have to install "alsa-utils" and "alsa-tools" packages.

Many distros don't include MP3 support by default b/c the MP3 format is a non-GPL file format subject to royalties. You can enable support by installing MAD / LAME packages for your distro... although Gentoo includes this support by default via USE flag "mp3"

Daily Giz Wiz: Daily podcast about gadgets

LugRadio Podcast featuring open source news and interviews with top open source developers. Vulgar language!!

Revision 3: Infected: Like the old Martin Sergant show on TechTV. Extremely vulgar.

Security Now: [Focuses on security

The Linux Link Tech Show: News/Commentary on Linux/Open Source

This Week In Tech: Weekly tech roundup with GREAT panel of former TechTV stars

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