COLALUG: The Columbia Linux Users Group

Meeting Minutes - March 9, 2006

Please note: Action items are indicated by bolding the name of the person responsible.

The purpose of this month's club meeting was primarily to finalize preparations for the InstallFest of March 18.

  • Victor will bring four PCs and monitors.

  • Victor asked for folks to bring power strips; at least six power strips were volunteered by those present.

  • Robert and Jeremy advertised the event so we should expect a good turn out
  • The group will have a variety of distros available. Robert has made copies of various distros for the InstallFest. Members are encouraged to bring copies of their own in case we need them.

  • Victor will bring a DVD player and a CD burner in case we need to burn CDs. Please bring some blanks CDs if you can.

  • Jeremy will check on Internet availability and will bring a router. Please bring CAT5 cables if you have some available. Victor will bring a long network cable in case it is needed.

  • Jeremy mentioned that there are several people that will bring/donate hardware; they have listed it in the forum.
  • Jeremy brought up a number of interesting items:
  • For anyone having problems accessing VPN systems through Linux, try Vpnc. It works as a client for Cisco VPN networks.

See you on the 18th!

InstallFest Contact Numbers:

  • Victor's Pager: 803-931-9331 or Cell: 803-331-5578
  • Jeremy: 864-580-8998 (cell)