ColaLUG Meeting Notes - 4/13/2006

IRC Linux help

Using XChat or KSirc or whatnot...

/nick (whatever you want your 'alias' to be) /server /join #(channel)

For example ... #gentoo ... #suse #fedora


Preferred Method: Try to install through your distro's software manager. Flash is known to be in extra repositories in OpenSuSe, standard in SuSe Enterprise, and in Gentoo's portage.

Alternative #1: Try to install through Firefox .xpi plugin installation wizard

Alternative #2 (worst case): (as normal user) Download flash from Macromedia website. Extract files. $ cp ~/.mozilla/plugins/ $ cp (the .xpt file) ~/.mozilla/plugins/ Restart firefox -- [[]]

If in Gentoo, you will have to unmask lastfmplayer and qt 4.1.x and emerge them.


"REALLY fast.... difficult as hell!"

Evil Hardware List (Rev 1)

  1. Netgear WPNT511 In stores, no difference is shown on package between WPN511 and WPNT511. The WPN511 is gray, made in China, and works in Linux using the Prism54/HostAP driver. The WPNT511 is black, made in Taiwan, and uses a proprietary Marvell chipset that doesn't even work well in ndiswrapper. Avoid all Netgear WPN511 wifi cards.
  2. All ATI graphics cards. They may display, but odds are strong they do so poorly and with poor or no 3D acceleration.
  3. Sound in Asus A7V8X Motherboard Very buggy, poppy, laggy, bizarre
  4. Lexmark early Z series printers They work, but only with Lexmark binary x86 only drivers... and with a ton of elbowgrease (they don't natively work with CUPS)
  5. All MATX ATI x200 motherboards (including DFI Infinity RS482) Uses a proprietary ATI SATA driver... Linux can use it once booted, but *cannot* boot from this drive.
  6. Winmodems They're crap. They're hopeless. Get a real modem and stop trying to emulate one.
  7. Broadcom BCM43xx Wireless

    Especially in 64-bit ... can be a pain to get ndiswrapper working. Native drive coming soon!!

  8. HP/Compaq Notebooks in general Poorly made... lots of proprietary garbage... tend to be ATI mobility graphics (the worst of all the evil ATI graphics series)

Gaim Encryption

Should be in your distro's software manager.

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