We met on September 4 (a week earlier than usual due to a room schedule conflict). Amy Daniels from Airport High School was kind enough to visit us and give a talk about OpenOffice. She has been using this program for about four years, ever since the LUG helped her set up a Linux Lab at the school.

Amy showed us that much of the functionality of commercial packages (such as Microsoft Office) is included in OpenOffice. The suite of free applications is ideal for schools and new companies that will not object to some re-training. There are great advantages in compatibility that even surpass Microsoft products. For example, you can open a Microsoft Works wordprocessing document in OpenOffice but not in Word. Amy offered a variety of advantages we shoudl consider:

After the presentation the LUG offered the following comments:

After the educational session the meeting was focused on attendance. This week we ended up with only six members showing up. Tom suggested that we need to contact other groups, such as the JAVA User's Group, and invite them to attend our meetings.

The group pointed out that we are looking for different types of users:

It was mentioned that we need to do a better job of advertising our meetings and to have well defined topics of discussion for each meeting. The group entertained a motion of changing the frequency of our meetings but decided to continue meeting monthly.

For October, there will be two presentations:

Please promote the next meeting in every possible way: word of mouth, bulletin boards, free newsletters, message boards, etc.

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