ColaLUG Meeting Thursday May 10th 2007 Minutes

Dan had something come up at work and was unable to get to the meeting to give his presentation on encrypted filesystems. We will reschedule that for another meeting (tentatively July).

Shay went through a very brief overview of GIMP and some of the various transformation filters that it has built-in. One thing noted was that to get the filters to show up in the menus, it is necessary to convert the image to RGB format.

Phil mentioned that he found GIMP useful for several things:

We discussed how to attract new members. Shay brought about 10 pre-printed "ColaLUG" flyers, and a few of those were taken by members.

Suggestions for places to put flyers were small computer stores and around USC.

Robert mentioned that he had attempted to get permission to put some flyers at Fort Jackson, but after having gotten the run-around to several different places, he gave up.

Tom suggested that stores that might be reluctant to take the flyers might be willing to accept Ubuntu CDs that we make with the ColaLUG website URL on them.

Someone on the mailing list had suggested that providing refreshments might help draw new members. Doug said that Stuart used to bring refreshments, but that he didn't think that it made a difference in whether or not new people showed up.

Suggestions for future meetings:

We discussed the possibility of holding an install-fest. Tom says that in the past, many people came to install fests who had never been before, and never came back. So we tabled the idea for the time being, although we'd be glad to work with anyone who came to a meeting wanting to get something installed.

We have discussed this option a number of times, and we decided to actually try to start having two presentations per meeting. One presentation on more advanced topics, and one for more basic topics.

We briefly discussed some of the other area LUGs. Charlotte seems to be the closest, and their meeting is the Tuesday after our meeting. (3rd Tuesday) Shay said he was planning to try to go to the Charlotte LUG meeting and offered to carpool with anyone else wanting to go.

We discussed the possibility of changing our meeting night to not conflict with the Palmetto PC Club, but due to the fact that their website shows their linux SIG to be inactive, we decided that we most likely wouldn't gain new users from this change. Since we wouldn't know whether the meeting room would be available on a different night, and it would be a lot of trouble for us to change website, flyers, and get word out to everyone, we decided not to try to change the meeting night.

Tom thinks that there are about 200 subscribers to the ColaLUG maiiling list.

We discussed a bit about what we knew about the history of ColaLUG. Tom mentioned that many of the original people were here from NCR, and once that plant closed down, many of them moved on to other places.

Doug mentioned that USC has changed their website and that the image we were linking to for our meeting location page is no longer there.

We called it a night at 8:50 pm.

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