We met in room 2A21 of Swearingen and watched the movie "Revolution OS" which gave a history of the Free Software and Open Source movements. Many of the key players in these developments were profiled. For those who weren't able to make it to the meeting, or who wish to see it again, the movie can be downloaded as an AVI file at this location:

For July, I will plan to give a presentation on a couple of recent Linux distros which are tailored to multimedia applications. I won't promise to cover all of these, but some distros in this category are:

As a follow-up to the May meeting: We had mentioned the Charlotte Linux Users Group (CharLUG). Shay and Tom drove to Charlotte and found that they were facing many of the same challenges that we are. They had eight people at the meeting, four of which were first-timers (Those numbers include Tom & me). From what we gathered, they have the same problems getting people interested in attending meetings that we do. One thing they do which was noteable is that they have two meetings per month. One on the third Tuesday, and one on the first Saturday. They said that the groups of people who attended the different meetings were largely different people (not much overlap.)

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