This was the 10-year anniversary of the creation of ColaLUG, and the club's first president, Steven Nance came and told us a bit of the origins of the club. He also gave a very comprehensive demonstration of using the screen package. For people working with text and command-line logins, it is a very powerful tool.

Steven has kindly provided his presentation notes for the screen presentation. I include those below.


Screen is a multiplexing terminal application with tons of features. Including, but not limited to:

Getting started.

First get help.

Do your thing and detach.

Look at what we have.

Wipe if necessary.

And reattach.

Creating new windows.

Navigating windows.

Oh no!! I'm lost. List windows.

I need a better naming convention. Renaming.

Jeez.. What time is it? Load average and time.

Is that compile done on window 17? Idle monitoring.

Are my friends logging into my irc room? Activity monitoring.

I'm a multi-tasker :) New regions

Groovy, but how do I move regions?

But how do I use "bind"? Screen commands and rc file.

But can "bind" make life easier?

Does this region make my bottom look to big? Resizing regions

Can we log any of this?

But I need this in the other window. Scrollback and copy/paste

Ok.. maybe not that much of a multi-tasker. Kill a region.

Ssssh. I need quiet. Visual bell.

WTF?!? "Wuff, Wuff!!"

Now things are getting dark and scary. Sharing your screen.

Uh oh... The boss is coming! Clear screen or switch to blank.

I'm a screen geek.. No really. Disable line wrap or get attached displays.

I just screened a screen.

My screen is all garbled. Redraw or reset

Kill em all and let root sort them out.

.screenrc stuff:

other advanced:

wikipedia# user manual# printed man# mailing list# gentoo tips# cool tips# multiuser# man page#

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