Jose Vidal gave a presentation on NetLogo. It is based on the Logo language, but allows many "turtles" to be defined, and provides an agent-oriented programming language which allows it to simulate many real-world situations. Jose demonstrated some simulations of ant hive behavior and bird flocking behavior, as well as a few others. He demonstrated the programming language with "Bunnies" and "Hunter" agents, and gave examples of a way to program their actions.

Shay Walters presented a brief discussion of installing multiple distro's of linux on the same hard drive which shared a common /home folder, and discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

Thanks go out to Jerry Hix of Modis, Inc. for providing refreshments.

There were a couple of ideas mentioned for next month's meeting. We decided to discuss it in the mailing list to settle on something in time to have a definite topic settled on in time to give a couple of weeks notice before the next meeting.

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