The Columbia Linux User group welcomed three new members in January: Kendra Chuck Frank

Other members attending: Louis Jose Shay Robert Phil Ben

Shay motioned for Ben to be appointed Secretary. The motioned was passed unanimously.

Robert presented MouseKeys, an old but good way to perform fine control of a pointer in a graphics program, or for times when you do not have a mouse, as on an airplane.

Chuck had this to say: "I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations at last night's meeting. I had forgotten all about mousekeys, and somehow I missed the fact that microsoft ported them into that "other operating system" back somewhere around Win95. The presentations brought back fond memories of using a green-screen Bell Labs "Blit" multiplexed graphic terminal in 1985 and my struggles to get my first 200x200 pixel webcam to talk to anything at all, about any object, in motion or stationary! "

Phil presented an Ubuntu-based video project that recorded all the different birds (plus a squirrel) that visited his bird feeder. It was part of his son's eigth grade science project. The camera's motion sensor detects motion, turns on, records, and turns off after 30 seconds elapsed. He used Totem movie player to quickly review all captured videos.

Kendra expressed enthusiastic interest in the Beryl project (documented on the mail server).

Ben announced that he discovered Gobolinux, a distribution with a friendly directory structure, i.e. Programs, Users, System, Files, Mount, and Depot. Gobo maintains backward compatibility through symlinks and the Compile program.

The meeting ended around 9:00, with Robert, Shay, and Ben adjourning to Moe's for food and drinks.

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