The Columbia Linux User group met on 12 February 2009 and re-welcomed Tom and John.

Other members attending: Louis Jose Shay Robert Ben Kendra plus a couple folks I didn't know and forgot to ask (sorry -- mail me if you know).

Ben presented Gobolinux and Mythbuntu, two relatively new distributions. Gobolinux has a friendly directory structure, i.e. Programs, Users, System, Files, Mount, and Depot. Gobo maintains legacy compatibility by hiding the older directories (like /bin and /etc) and using symlinks to keep legacy programs working. The big advantages of Gobo are: 1) No need for a package manager (the file system is the package manager), and 2) Two versions of the same program can exist on the same machine at once. Very handy for developer testing. Gobo derives from the Linux From Scratch project, an excellent way to spend a lot of time compiling source packages.

Robert defended the current Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. According to Wikipedia, /etc does come from "et cetera", meaning "and other things".

Mythbuntu is the answer to Windows Media Center, acting as a digital video recorder when matched to a video card with HDMI inputs.

Topic: Ubuntu runs slowly on a thumb drive. John said it's because the virtual memory is turned off.

Shay presented Remote Desktop (VNC and VPN) on Ubuntu, doing a most excellent job. He successfully connected to Windows computers. Remote Desktop comes with Ubuntu.

Kendra stated that any 15 year old in China knows how to get around the Chinese internet filter, which changes Yahoo and Google searches significantly.

The meeting ended around 9:00, with Robert, Shay, Louis, and Ben adjourning to Moe's for food and drinks. Lively discussion ensued. Next time we'll go to the Hunter Gatherer.

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