The meeting started at 6:33PM, 12 March 2009, and lasted two hours. Shay, John, Louis, Kendra, Dennis, and Bob attended.

Shay presented the current work on the Colalug logo, available here. Members can vote on one by emailing the list.

Ben Francis presented the Linux Terminal Server Project, as implemented by Edubuntu, the educational version of Ubuntu. Those who brought laptops were able to connect to a hub and boot their laptop from the network, with Ben's laptop acting as the server.

The first client build presented was the kiosk image, which actually runs Firefox on the client to make it more responsive and lessen the load on the server.

The second client build was the full desktop mode, where client had full access to the desktop.

The server laptop was a Dell Latitude 830 with Core 2 Duo processors running at 2.2GHz with 1 GB of RAM and two wired NIC cards. It was running 32-bit Edubuntu 8.04.

Three clients were able to play games, use Open Office, and generally see the cost effectiveness of reusing old computers as terminal clients.

Each Firefox client was using about 60 MB of memory on the server. TuxType was using 200 MB(!), and Open Office was around 80MB.

So, one decent laptop seems to be able to serve between 5 - 10 client desktops, or probably 20 kiosk clients.

Dennis asked how to manage users in a classroom environment. Ben said he would email a solution to the list.

The meeting ended around 8:45 and most participants adjourned to the Hunter Gatherer for Jazz and drinks. A lively discussion brought ought the idea of a key party for some future meeting, maybe the next one.

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