The Columbia Linux User Group met on 14 May 2009 at 1830 in Swearingen's Faculty Lounge.

Harry Chrissy talked about the Gussie Greene community computer lab. He also discussed starting up a similar lab in Columbia. This is an active effort, but it won't happen overnight. Right now, they are still looking for a site for the lab where it could do the most good. Ben brought up the point that the Edubuntu Linux Terminal Server Project would likely be a good fit for this situation.

Dr. Jiang from Benedict College is also interested in working with us for her robotics lab, to assist with recommendations and support for her students using linux and open source software. Shay sees these as opportunities to get the club's name some exposure in the press and to spark interest in Linux and FOSS.

Kendra gave a very thorough talk on a very small bit of Inkscape 0.48, the open source solution for vector-based graphics. (GIMP is the raster-based graphics program.) Participants were able to generate high quality graphics using this tool. She covered layers, transparencies, gradients, shading, polygons -- a whole host of good graphic gooiness.

The meeting ended at 8:40. Robert, Ben, Shay, and Derek went to Firehouse for drinks, but found that it closed at 9:00 PM.

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