The ColaLUG met on 8 October 2009 at 6:30 PM.

Shay presented a fabulous distribution called TurnKey Linux. It is based on Ubuntu and includes a whole array of preconfigured "appliances" that work as soon as you're done installing. "Lighter, smaller, faster and easier" is their motto.

You let the magic smoke out!

Shay got a laugh from the more experienced users when he talked about letting the magic smoke out when working on circuit boards.

Shay discussed small distributions like Knoppix and Arch linux. Arch lets you choose a window manager at startup:

Window Managers

Tiny Text Problem

Some window managers will size text relative to the chosen screen size, in some cases making text unreadably tiny. This seems most apparent with projectors. Shay: I've been told that it's something to do with IBM video chipset drivers.


cat /proc/cpuinfo (shows processor info)

The compiz package gives a 3-D cube effect to a desktop.

DDclient was discussed for dynamic DNS management.

Shawn Escango advocated a website called Lifehacker, which had all kinds of tips and tricks for technophiles.

Penguinistas adjourned to the iHOP for the $5 breakfast deal (eggs, bacon, pancakes) at 8:30 PM.

Members attending: Shay, Ben, Louis, Bob, Shawn Escango, David Aaron, Ashu Vais, Kevin Parris

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