The Columbia Linux Users Group met on 10 December 2009 at 6:30 at Swearingen Engineering Center.

Attendees: Shay Walters, Louis Arsenault, Kendra Shaefer, Lewis Clyburn, Harold McCrady, Bob Meier, Derek Mart, Ben Francis

Shay gave a report on his progress with MythTV, using the Knoppix version called KnoppMyth. We had trouble with the display settings because the software was designed for 1280x760 resolution, but the projector had to be set to 1024x768. We never got the video card to display the cable feed from the wall. We're not entirely sure that the cable line has a signal, although it probably does.

Derek Mart showed a guy playing a theremin on YouTube.

Louis Arsenault showed the droll Rammstein vs Cookie Monster video.

Ben Francis gave a demonstration on enabling a SCR3310 smart card reader on Ubuntu 9.10.

  1. In a terminal, enter "sudo apt-get install coolkey pcscd pcsc-tools"
  2. In Firefox
    1. Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Encryption > Security Devices > Load > Type "Smartcard Module","/usr/lib/pkcs11/" > OK

Ben showed the Newport News, VA* city website, which won numerous awards in 2008 for excellence in government. The site is completely open source and built with Plone, an open source content mangement system written in the Python interpreted language. Any city can freely obtain the source code and use it as the basis for their own website. Andy Stein was the project manager.

The meeting ended at 8:40PM. IHop followed.

* Note: is an ambiguous domain name. Is it commercial or government? Arg. ( is already taken by some server.)

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