The Columbia Linux User Group met at 6:30PM, 11 March 2010 at the Swearingen Engineering Building.

In addition to Usual Suspects (Derek, Shay, Ben), the meeting was attended by Patrick Blake, David Westbury, Eric Dyer, Ian Young, and Harold.

Shay gave presentations on scanning with Linux (Xsane), the Boodler soundscape generator, and ImageMagick. Some notes on Boodler: Startintg with a standard Ubuntu install, you will need the following packages to install and run boodler: python2.6-dev and python-qt4. (These in addition to the boodler download itself.)

Ben gave a demonstration of Diskless Remote Boot Linux using VirtualBox. The virtual client kept dying in the middle of booting, so we used Wireshark to capture the packet streams between the virtual server and the virtual client. Wireshark showed a completely different IP address working as a DHCP server, and this was screwing up the boot process. Perhaps VBox runs its own DHCP server on

DRBL comes bundled with Clonezilla, which was recommended by Patrick Blake over Free Open source Ghost.

Elections for President were held. Shay Walters nominated Ben Francis. Ben was elected on a voice vote. Ben proposed the election of a vice-president, but retracted the proposition after discussion (too small a group). The vote for the treasurer/secretary position was deferred until April on a voice vote.

The meeting ended at 8:30PM. Ian, Derek, Shay and Ben subsequently went to iHop.

Robert Meier showed up at iHop and shared news that he's looking for new employment. Email him if you know of an opportunity.

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