The ColaLUG met on 8 April at 6:30PM at Swearingen Engineering Center in room 1A03.

In attendance were Derek Mart, Shay Walters, Kendra Schaefer, Frank Carll, Ron Gordon, Ian, Lewis Cawthorne, Kevin Parris, Robert Fraysse, and Ben Francis.

Derek Mart answered a question about XDMCP and then launched into an long presentation on Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG). For those of you who'd like to upload or download a key from the MIT PGP keyserver, you can find it at:

Ben gave an update on, namely that he could replicate the same server setup as the BKO folks, and it works. His boot CD did not, however.

Shay was elected Vice-President by unanimous vote. Kendra was elected Secretary by unanimous vote, much to Lewis' relief.

The meeting ended at 8:30, whence the migration to iHop occurred.

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