Our June meeting started at 6:30 with a turnout of 13 people. Kendra gave a basic overview of Wordpress 2.9.2, a smattering of information on the upcoming 3.0 release, and covered installing a Bitnami stack on Linux.

Kendra will post the Open Office presentation for download soon.

To get Bitnami stacks of your favorite application or dev environment, go here: http://bitnami.org/stacks

Ben then spoke about TinyCore Linux in relation to the community center computer lab Shay and Ben are setting up on their own time.


  • Lewis Cawthorne
  • Frank Carll
  • Lewis Clyburn
  • Ben Francis
  • Robert Fraysse
  • Dylan Lusk
  • Scott McAuley

  • Robert Meier
  • Kevin Parris
  • Kendra Schaefer
  • Terrence Smith
  • Shay Walters
  • Ian Young