I'd like to curse the fickle networking gods, but I know better than to call down that kind of wrath, so suffice to say the 'net connection in the faculty lounge abandoned us at this month's meeting.

Regardless, Shay showed us a neat command line application for playing lists from Pandora (sans the logging in bit), called PianoBar, and a download shell for PianoBar called PianoBar Fly.

If you're going to try an install of this, Shay reminds us to be aware that there are several dependencies for the app which are not available in the repository. The dependencies are native on Ubuntu 10 but not on earlier versions. If you're running an earlier version or another distro, you'll need to download the PianoBar dependencies separately. Also, PianoBar Fly's file piano.c needs a small manual modification of the code before it will compile (wish I could remember the exact line - it's something like the protocol version in the first few lines of code is listed as "26", you have to change that to "27" before you try to compile - ask on the list for more specifics).

More info at: http://6xq.net/html/00/17.html
And at: http://chrismar035.com/2010/01/26/installing-pianobar-console-client-for-pandora-radio/
Download at: http://github.com/PromyLOPh/pianobar

Shay also ran through a talk that was given at the recent Southeast Linux Fest on BSD, which covered the main differences between BSD and Linux. Key differences covered were security, file system structure, and the contribution process. Interestingly, BSD also includes a binary emulator, allowing it to run Linux applications.

And Ben walked us through some neat networking configuration from the command line, covering mainly iwlist, iwconfig and dhclient, followed by collective staring at the logs and wishing Louis Arsenault was there.


Shay's notes: We were plagued with networking problems tonight, so I wasn't able to demonstrate the Pandora client software, and wasn't able to access the site for the BSD presentation, so I kind of floundered around with a presentation that was made for somebody who knew what they were talking about (which obviously wasn't the case here.) :-) Ben showed us various command-line networking tools to fill out the time.

News Flash:

We are going to try an alternate-week meeting for some more hands-on work with Linux. We're tentatively planing to meet on the 4th Thursday, but if there are folks who ave a problem with that date/day and could make it a different day, now is the time to speak up. We will try meeting in a different location and see if that is a workable plan.

Get directions to the Linux hackspace thingie


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