The September ColaLUG meeting was held at CMI at 6:30p.m. In attendance were:

Ben Meyer
Kevin Parris
Robert Fraysee
Shay Walters
Ben Francis
Stuart Anderson
Kendra Schaefer
Ian Young
Joey Linden

Ben Francis, who will be presenting a lecture at Benedict College on September 28, asked for suggestions on what to do with the honorarium from his upcoming speech, so we discussed incorporating ColaLUG as a 501c3, but decided against it due to the inevitable unfavorable paperwork to fun ratio.

Stuart Anderson gave a great overview of how the Android stacks up against Linux. He overviewed the similarities and differences between code libraries, file systems, layers, and more. He plans to post his presentation soon.

Kendra followed with a breif polemic about how Bluefish code editor as "What you see is what you need" software, vs. WYSIWYG Dreamweaver software. She then breifly demonstrated logging into an online filesystem using Ubuntu's Places feature and using Bluefish to do live site editing.

Most of the group then headed over to IHOP for the usual grease and jabber. Bob Meier attended the iHOP gabfest. Topics covered:
designing circuits vs. software programming
exponentially increasing monetary systems vs. natural economic systems
Worgl, Austria
The Verdict by John Grisham

Til next time.

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