The ColaLUG met on 13 January 2011 at CMI.

Todd Lewis talked about POSSCON at the Columbia Convention Center. Current cost is $99. Students are free.

Ben talked about installing Linux at the Martin Luther King, Jr community center. Four computers were converted from virus-laden spyware-ridden XP to Ubuntu on 2.8 GHz 512MB tower machines. One of the kids there, a 15 year-old, was multi-talented and was going places. Another three kids talked about the need to pack heat to keep someone from jumping on you.

Shay showed PyTube, a tiny program that downloads and converts obfuscated YouTube videos.

Ben showed QIMO, an XFCE-based Linux distribution made for small kids.

Frank Carll brought up the possibility of donating hundreds of computers through the Rotary Club if the ColaLUG can put together a workable proposal for installation at deserving sites.

The meeting ended at 8:30pm. No one went to iHOP because Ben had brought pizza.

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