The ColaLUG met on 14 July 2011 at IT-oLogy.

Ben Meyer and Shay Walters for gave excellent presentations on licensing and 3D printing. Ben went over at least 6 licenses. You can charge money for a product licensed under BSD or the GPL, but with GPL you have to release the source to the people you distributed the product. With a BSD license you can do lmost anything, even close the source.

As for Shay's trials with the 3D printer, we should have a funeral for all the time Shay killed to get that thing working. Wow. Plus he documented the whole process in pictures, of which he had over a hundred.* He said it was worth the time spent.

Frank Carll got a commitment from the University of Phoenix to provide 20 computers for our program of providing computers to needy people and communities. He also said we have about 8 computers to pick up at Northeast Presbyterian Church. (Shay and Ben Francis will pick them up Monday.)

We are also going to get an article in The State newspaper about the program, Frank says. That could generate a lot of interest, so we may have to recruit more help in the near future.

Todd Lewis and IT-oLogy provided pizza and drinks.

The meeting ended at 8:15pm.

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