The ColaLUG met on 8 September 2011 at IT-oLogy.

The meeting started around 6:30 PM and members were present until roughly 9PM.

There was an excellent presentation by Mr. Cedric Brown with lots of fun demonstrations. We then adjourned temporarily pizza.

Most everyone returned to the meeting room where for further presentations, while several members were distracted by conversation in the pizza area talking about patents, copyrights, and other things after the pizza was served.

Ben Francis also demonstrated the Tigon3 driver for network lan cards in Dell laptops had been updated and works with gPXE (NetBoot).

At the end of the day, Ben Francis announced that our scribe had resigned. After a call to arms, Ben Meyer & Robert Meier were elected co-scribes in a unanimous vote by those present.

A discussion about the Motorola Atrix and Droid Bionic and what they mean for the future of computing among other things then pursued.

All present: Ben Francis, Cedric Brown, Shay Walters. Robert Meier, Ben Meyer, Jeremy Bicha, Tyrone, Cory, Dr. Hong Jiang

Todd Lewis and IT-oLogy provided pizza and drinks.

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