Meeting Minutes 2011-12-08

In attendance:

Special Thanks to Todd Lewis, Jeremy Bischa, and IT-ology for hosting us and providing the pizza and drinks.

There was no real planned schedule for the evening so the group basically discussed topics of interest to those present. Discussions lasted from about 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM after which most all regrouped at the Whig until about 9:20 PM over drinks.

Evening Topics

  1. Jeremy Bischa gave a mystery tour of IT-ology.

  2. Discussion on e-cycling
  3. Discussion on Windows 8 Beta and App Stores
  4. Discussion on Computer Systems
  5. Discussion on VoIP
  6. Adjournment to the Whig where discussion continued around KDE4 vs GNOME3 and SOPA Legislation.

Topical Breakdown

The ''mystery tour'' of IT-ology

Jeremy showed us all the Open Source IT Lab, mainly focusing on the MakerBot 3D Printer where he made an IT-ology ink stamp over the course of the evening. Also on show was the Arduino platform, the library, OLPC laptop, and the Mac and Windows computers, which were there to show that Open Source can be on them too.


It was asked about what to do with older computers and components. BestBuy was suggested as a place to go for it; but it was brought up that the various e-cycling places for the counties, BestBuy, etc. are more aimed at the public in general and helping individuals with e-cycling as opposed to companies. No one had a good answer for what companies should do other than perhaps drop something off individually over the course of time.

Windows 8 Beta & App Stores

Jeremy Bischa noted that the Windows 8 Beta is out and we discussed it in general and the likeliness of usability. The recent IDC report about Windows 8 being irrelevant was mentioned, and a discussion on the interface - usability, etc. - also ensued.

It was also brought up that the Windows 8 App Store will, per a recent Microsoft announcement, allow open source software in it so long as it uses an OSI Approved License; if so, it may violate other articles in the licensing requirements for being part of the Windows 8 App Store.

Computer Systems

We had a discussion on small computers, and various software integrations. Frank Carll was interested in an open source accounting system that did double-booking but also integrated well OOB with a CRM system; thus far there are not really two that integrate well together though a few have it noted as a big TODO.


Frank Carll asked about VoIP services and small businesses, namely towards using a VoIP provider instead of a standard telco and analog lines. Lewis Arsenault mentioned a number of solutions and several of the hurdles his company went through for providing such services. One question that was asked was about running a system like Asterisk to which Lewis replied that it was better for them to host it and manage it themselves than to merely sell it to the client as doing so solved a lot of problems related to support and client maintenance.

Adjournment to the Whig

After adjourning from IT-ology, we regrouped at the Whig. Ben Meyer and Jeremy Bischa discussed GNOME3 vs. Unity vs. KDE4, showing off Ben's KDE 4.7 desktop in the process. Others discuss the SOPA/Protect IP (Senate and House respectively) legislation currently before Congress.

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