Meeting Minutes 2012-01-12

In attendance:

Special Thanks to Todd Lewis, Jeremy Bischa, and IT-ology for hosting us and providing the pizza and drinks.

Evening Topics

  1. Todd Lewis - POSSCON -- Break for Pizza --
  2. Shay Walters - Computer Donations
  3. Robert Meier - League of Mad Scientists
  4. Ben Francis - New Member Recruitment, New Speakers
  5. Jeremy Bicha - Viritualization Talk Request
  6. Shay Walters - gPodder Demo

Topical Breakdown


Todd Lews presented the upcoming POSSCON event, announcing prices, speakers, etc. He also asked for our input on several topics. We all looked forward to POSSCON 2012.

Computer Donations

While we still have a lot of systems at Joey's, we are also getting low on systems since the last donation cycle driven by the Rotary Club and the announcement in The State Newspaper.

There was a healthy discussion on where all the computers have gone.

League of Mad Scientists

It was asked whether League of Mad Scientists was still operational. Robert Meier gave an interesting history on the group which is presently dormant for lack of member appearances due to everyone being so spread out. If anyone is interested in joining contact Robert.

New Member Recruitment

Ben Francis noted that our members are mostly on the mailing list (where we have well over 100 members) but not many come out to the meetings (typically around 10 people. We had a big discussion on things to do to help drive membership including talking to USC professors and recruiting more USC students, as well as doing various events at places like Barnes & Nobel.

New Speakers

We are often meeting without much of an agenda for the evening, and typically have the same presenters for what little is scheduled. We need more people to step up and present, and more topics requested. If anyone would like to present, request a presentation, or investigate getting a guest speaker to present on the topic contact the mailing list or Ben Francis.

Viritualization Talk Request

Jeremy Bicha requested a presentation on virtualization systems (KVM, etc.). Topic was approved but not scheduled.

gPodder Demo

Shay Walters presented gPodder on Linux Mint after some difficulty with communications. gPodder is a podcasting aggregator that allows you to download and listen to podcasts at your leisure. It has a built in set of podcasts but you can also add your own.

Shay also announced a presentation in the future.

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