Meeting Minutes 2012-02-09

In attendance:

Special Thanks to Todd Lewis, Jeremy Bischa, and IT-ology for hosting us, promoting the presentations, and providing the pizza and drinks. Also a Special Welcome to our many IT-ology guests.

The evening was a joint meeting between IT-ology and ColaLUG.

Evening Topics

  1. Todd Lewis, Ben Francis - Welcoming & Greetings

  2. Jeremy Bicha - Virtualization
  3. Ben Meyer - VMware/ReactOS, schroot
  4. Post meeting activities

Topical Breakdown

Welcoming and Greeting

Todd Lewis (for IT-ology) and Ben Francis (for ColaLUG) welcomed everyone for the evening's event.


Jeremy Bicha presented on Virtualization, covering Hardware vs. Software Virtualization, naming a number of various products out there, and demoing the use of Virtualization Technologies via VirtualBox Open Source Edition (OSE) (, as well as the GNOME Boxes ( environment based on the SPICE protocol (


As an extension to Jeremy's presentation, Ben Meyer demoed VMware ( and the latest release of ReactOS ( which while not ready for everyday use, is very functional.


Ben Meyer presented schroot ( for building under various Debian and Debian-Derived distributions.

Post Meeting Activities

After the meeting there was an extensive debate on Mono, C#, and its continued use (or lack thereof) in the Linux community. Number one point: It's going away as no one trusts it from a licensing/legal perspective; the patent license Novell had purchased was for 5 years, and after that left the door open for infringment by all parties and even then, only covered Novell's customers.

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