The Columbia Linux Users Group met on 8 March at IT-oLogy. The meeting started at 6:30pm.

Jeremy Bicha demonstrated new features of the Ubuntu distribution.

We will be at booth 10 at POSSCON (28-29 March). We still have two POSSCON tickets to give away if you're willing to work the booth.

Ben Francis demonstrated the MacPup distribution, a lightweight Linux LiveCD based on the Puppy Linux Distro by Barry Kauler, with a Macintosh-looking desktop.

Jeremy fixed Ben's laptop by deleting the incorrect Xorg configuration. Bob Meier was looking for a way to get his wireless working:

sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid itology-guest key <itologypassword>
sudo dhclient wlan0

The meeting was attended by Bob Meier, Terrence Smith, Shay Walters, Robert Fraysse, Ben Francis and Jeremy Bicha. Scott McAuley dropped off a disk drive to complete one of the donated laptops.

The meeting adjourned around 7:50pm. Bob, Ben, Terrence and Jeremy went to iHop to discuss Stirling engines, among other topics.

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