Meeting Minutes 2012-04-12

In attendance:

  • Ben Meyer (scribe)
  • Ben Francis
  • Jeremy Bicha
  • David Duggins
  • Thaddeus Brown
  • Louis Arsenault
  • Vincent Brice
  • Danny Brown
  • Frank Carll
  • Brad Stancel

Special Thanks to Todd Lewis, Jeremy Bischa, and IT-ology for hosting us, and providing the pizza and drinks.

Evening Topics

  1. David Duggins, PHP
  2. Ben Francis, Conferences

Topical Breakdown

Welcoming and Greeting

Ben Francis (for ColaLUG) welcomed everyone for the evening's event.


David Duggins gave an excellent presentation on PHP using the CodeIgnitor framework showing off:

  • the built-in web server that comes with PHP for application testing
  • explaining the frameworks using MVC (Model-View-Controller) and Object-Oriented sides of PHP
  • Using CodeIgniter ( for quick PHP Application Development

  • Encryption within PHP
  • CodeIgniter Helper vs. Library


Ben Francis noted that several conferences were up-coming:

  • One in Washing D.C (soon)
  • One in Charleston (in May)