Meeting Minutes 2012-05-10

In attendance:

Special Thanks to Todd Lewis, and IT-ology for hosting us, and providing the pizza and drinks.

Using the Thinstation FOSS platform, I selected modules and built a network bootable image. The initrd and vmlinuz were put on the root of an Apache server, along with a simple PHP boot script. Dnsmasq was used to provide TFTP, DHCP, and DNS services on the server. It's config file was 10 lines long and straightforward. /etc/resolv.conf was changed to point to itself first. Finally, the gPXE program was built and placed on the TFTP root.

The client's BIOS was changed to boot from the LAN. Through a process called PXE chainloading, the client used its original network boot program to download the gPXE program via TFTP. GPXE then took over and used the boot script from the web server to load the initial ramdisk and the kernel over http. The client was running about 20 seconds later.

Frank Carll will have his doubts that my netboot worked, but I have three well-paid witnesses.

The meeting ended at 9:00pm.

Afterwards we went to iHop and discussed the following topics:

Wimshurst electrostatic generator Astable multi vibrator Relaxation engine/oscillator Roman aqueducts Kobayashi Maru

On the last topic, Robert has a credible claim to have beaten aviation's version of the Kobayashi Maru. You have to hear it in person.

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