The Columbia Linux Users Group met on 10 January 2013 at IT-oLogy at 6:30pm.

In attendance were:

Todd Lewis talked about POSSCON, coming 27-28 March to IT-oLogy, not the Columbia Metropolitan Conference Center. The first 100 tickets go for $99. The next 100 are $149 and the final 100 or so go for $199.

Ben Francis presented gNewSense, the totally free (as in freedom) distribution that has the Free Software Federation's stamp of approval. It had not been updated since 2008. Jeremy mentioned Trisquel as an alternative.

We went over repositories, /etc/apt/sources.list, and how that differs from a distribution that allows non-free software repositories.

Ben said he is looking for a Linux project or full time employment.

The meeting ended at 8:10pm. A good discussion of Nokia's disastrous strategy to use only Microsoft for their smart phones continued into the stairway.

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