ColaLUG 2013-09-12

Attendees: Ben Francis, Ben Meyer, Robert Lindsey, Dayton, Shay Walters, Budd Crain, Alex, Michael, Chuck, Louis Arsenault

Discussion about CS Discussion about Mice Samsung Galaxy loaded with the Sept. 10th Daily of Ubuntu Touch

GPG Key signing - Ben Francis - Public and private key encryption - Web-of-Trust vs. CA Hierarchy - Basis of encryption - algorithms, etc. - How to generate a key:

  • -- from command-line:
    • gpg or gpg2 $ gpg --gen-key -- enters an interactive script to ask questions to build what you want, length ( how long do you want to use it?), name, comments (e.g. email), etc.
  • see it with "gpg --list-keys" to see the entire key ring -- how to use, example of KMail

Key signing party next meeting